Melbourne Grammar and Child Abuse

Why you should consider not sending or removing your child from this school? Or making it change its ways?

Islamic children burning the Israeli flag - guns, children and religion that we all agree is wrong and immoral. Yet it is a disgrace in which we set the example of an MGS child soldier of Christ in the War Memorial Melbourne! He may not be burning an ISIS flag and throwing stones, yet should we be in any way reflecting children with guns in the military forces, if we want to change the barbaric Islamists on their next Jihad for Muhammad? If we want to create a world without wars? Did Jesus set the example of aggression to us?

Its 150th anniversary was not so long ago being celebrated in a school helped to be set up by none other than my great, great grandfather, Chief Justice, Sir William Stawell, acting Governor of Victoria and member of the first MGS board and incidentally Vice Chancellor of Melbourne University. A man who opposed the demos of equality, tried to hang the Eureka stockade miners and when the people voted his party out, he manipulated his way into becoming Chief Justice - a Machiavellian lawyer par excellence. whose effigy was burned on the gold mine fields under the brilliant lights of the Southern Cross. A school that perhaps has not moved on far enough from that era. A school that still feels it is necessary for children to be trained to kill and to be carrying guns in a place of worship that celebrates the dead heroes of war - our infamous War Memorial in St Kilda Road. This is not Afghanistan or Russia, nor the Hitler Youth SS, it is Australia at its highest and most elite private school, which still has an archaic child military Cadet Training program, like many other private schools Australia-wide. Like many of those schools, this is in a school dedicated to Jesus, a person who stood for everything against violence to the point of giving his own life. A person who rejected riches, actively stood up against oppression of the poor and lived his life to heal and accept the destitute as equals and free them from an entrenched hypocritical and corrupted Jewish establishment and law. But this school for the rich believes they represent Christ whilst supporting armed child soldiers. Hypocritical, but most of all a crying shame to humanity showing how the elite of our so called great civilisation cling to a barbaric violent past that we should be ashamed of and not be glorifying. The rich who through the Anglican Grammar schools have rubber stamped Jesus for their own agenda where "Onward Christian soldiers" is regularly intoned from the dark depths of that bluestone Gothic crypt of  a church immortalised with the plaques of dead ex-schoolboys, so called heroes of war fighting for Christ. How can we be condemning Islamic nations when we condone this sort of behaviour in our most elite establishment school? But this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is happening to the children in this school.

I went to this school and I
taught there briefly as a student teacher.

This school like many other private schools in Australia is in need of massive institutional change, in fact our entire education system requires these alterations.This school operates through high pressure learning and a kind of aggression that is close to bullying. I suffered from this method when I was a student there and consequently was severely psychologically damaged. When I was a student teacher there in 2004 I clearly saw students under similar pressure and the effect it was having on them. Symptoms of extreme stress and psychological damage were apparent in some students, which due to the mentality in that school I could do little about at the time. In 2008 I spoke to an MGS VCE student who was suffering from stress and feeling pressured by his teachers. The reality is it does not work as when the students get to university they don't perform as well - see what Monash studies found :The Age

It needs to change.


It is steeped in tradition in its uniform, motto, the fact it has a Masonic order attached to it for old boys. Its connection to Anglicanism, close to Catholicism and its old buildings imbue it with a mentality of the past. Of a past of an elite establishment ruling class that it intends to train up to maintain a capitalist elite that will rule over society. It has even recently built a leadership centre for this very purpose. Of course it is male only beyond primary school.

It intends, consciously or not, to maintain the wealth and power of our nation in the very rich and the conservative elite academics and professionals, so that it is kept in their hands following their system of Anglicanism set up in a system of Grammar schools linked Australia wide. A system that has at its base a sort of Machiavellian greed in which a few control the wealth of many.

A system based on a level of unnecessary aggression, fear, intolerance, superiority, elitism and religious bigotry; which pays to a degree an hypocritical lip service to equality, peace and democracy.

A system that promotes aggressive sports and idol worship of its heroes. Sport is a good thing as is competition, and fitness needs to be promoted very strongly and increased at the school, but the right sort of fitness. That being yoga and less aggressive team sports. It needs to be taught in a way that doesn't insult those students that appear weak or not very good at sport and encourage them far more than those who are idealised as the best. Humility has to be taught where the best sports students help the worst and the same goes in academic studies. This is very much in keeping with Jesus teachings. The old English adage, 'it is not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game' applies, because if you win by nefarious ungentlemanly means you will lose in the long term. This means uncompromisingly telling the truth even if it appears to harm your case.


A system of extreme competitiveness in academic studies that puts enormous pressure on young boys some of whom later crack up. Admittedly it is not an easy task to get a teenage boy to study anything and motivation has to be ensured, but not just by force. The prime motivation should be enthusiasm. And the school had adopted many new innovative methods to teach, including multilevel classes in maths covering two years of student form levels. The Harkness method of boardroom table teaching by O'Meara. Many of the teachers were sympathetic to the students’ needs and taught in non-aggressive manner, however most in the end were using force and aggression to discipline students as before and much more extensive changes are required using yogic techniques. Also there wasn't a proper system of central air-conditioning in the rooms which still smelt.

I suffered trauma from the stress I was put under their to perform as a student and later suffered psychological problems and my HSC results were negatively effected - teachers shouting abuse at what they considered poor work, humiliating students, overloading them with work way above their year level, threatening them with violence if grades did not improve, an obsession on marks gained rather than personal growth and the substance of what was learned, competitive bullying between students over marks and neurotic paranoid fear engendered in some students desperately trying to achieve goals and results beyond their capability who became terrified of failure and cut off from a balanced social life in order to study often in an inefficient time consuming manner.

I was a top set student in HSC and in a maths class when in a test I beat most of the other smarter students my test was grabbed from me and abuse was hurled by these top students at me that it must be a mistake. Applied maths taken by Mr Emsell and the students yelling abuse at me were in particular Alex Holmes and Merlin Crossley - now professors. I had struggled up over the years from lower maths sets to the top set by HSC and according to them I didn't deserve to be there. This humiliation of me when I did better than them had the desired effect, especially when the teacher didn't intervene sufficiently to stop this gang violence, my grades subsequently went down. The behaviour of these top students when their grades were threatened, when they didn't do well, produced anxiety responses that were psychotic - tears, threats, violence, abuse, attacks on other students and teachers. Everything revolved around the mark they got. Obviously for those not getting good grades the feeling of degradation and hopelessness was oppressive.

I taught there in 2004 and witnessed the sort of pressure these young students were being put under, indeed I was contributing to that through having to adopt the school's teaching methods in my classes which I personally did not agree with and I saw the effects it was having on some of them - one of my student's showed all the signs of a nervous breakdown due to academic stress with no recognition of his problem from my supervising teacher, in fact he humiliated him – and I had to go along with this cruelty; see a detailed article on this please go to -


In 2004 I also saw the racist bigotry and arrogance that was accepted and if anything encouraged there (to one Papuan student who was the son of a senior Minister in PNG). I faced that arrogance in the classroom and the aggressive psychological bullying that students inflicted on other students in the classroom and out of it. Needless to say despite all my efforts many of the students disliked me as a student teacher for confronting their bigotry. In my civil rights US history classes where I insisted they imagine they were a middle class Negro in 1950 Alabama, and I looked at gay discrimination amongst Olympic athletes in legal studies – rather than embracing a chance to reject inequality, the students resented having their beliefs questioned.


As a student teacher I was also not liked because I didn’t accept shoddy work from the students but refused to punish them. Many of them did nothing unless bullied or threatened and had little self-discipline, as this was what they were used to from other teachers who largely spoon fed them. I had been subjected to it myself when I was there. I was undermined by my supervising teacher, O’Meara, because I refused to punish them, as he did, who ridiculed me in my classes in front of the students. I wanted the students to learn to produce good work by disciplining themselves. I did make some basic mistakes which were not really corrected by O’Meara and that was teaching them at a much higher level than the Year 11 standard and giving too much homework which wasn’t appraised for their end of year marks – this certainly added to the students disliking me. However, as a student teacher I had no power, and in the end I could only go along with the supervising teachers. My first supervising teacher was head of Deakin house, who refused to supervise me after I questioned her appraisal of my teaching skills and questioned what the school accepted as normal. Mr O’Meara took over, who was an old boy, but though sympathetic to me and a brilliant man, was still caught in the old traditional dogmatism of punishment, sarcasm and wit to teach the boys. Sadly he wrote a report that I failed to discipline students and wasn't suited to secondary teaching, but tertiary would work for me. In this respect I suspect he saw me as a threat given I was a lawyer looking for a job and he wasn't, yet head teacher of legal studies.

I was removed from a school cross country hike at Falls Creek, because I was considered unbalanced. One dear old school master, (Barry Barton), in charge of the camps, who was still clinging on to his old values there at about 65 or older in 2004. I had clear memories of him when I was a student at MGS in 1981 and his threatening, oppressive conformism and elitist manner of looking down on those not upholding the established system using fear to instil obedience to it. The favourites he bestowed his benevolence upon. The outcasts he deemed unacceptable in his black and white world. He was I believe one of the masters in charge of disciplining the students then and as I was constantly late to school in the morning because I hated going there, so I often met with Mr Woods and sometimes him. In 2004, he didn’t believe that I had been a student at the school and wanted to know if I was mentally unwell, having heard of my unpatriotic non-establishment views and refusal to speak to the cross country ski teacher at the staff room. Why didn’t I speak - I was in the seat of power in the old Gothic staff room and it evaporated me back to my Tom Brown school days in the hallowed halls of Harry Potter and Enid Blyton, to some higher power, almost religious, that refused to allow me to communicate. He suspected I was mentally unwell, but didn't know I was on a disability pension for a personality disorder probably significantly contributed to by the school, but induced by marijuana I had taken in the UK, India and Australia, after I quit KPMG as a tax lawyer and tried to find myself through Eastern mysticism. When I had began to question the materialistic greed of our society and reject it in 1991 and was led on a spiritual quest to the Hindus and Yoga. When the cruelty I had endured at the hands of other boys in MGS was reflected in London corporate life and I could take no more. When like St Paul, I lost my vision briefly in London, after quitting KPMG and a new born again spiritual world opened up to me. But could I tell Barry this in 2004 despite rejecting all drugs including alcohol since 1997? Barry, who represented the epitome of what I had rebelled against and had somehow returned to, to teach in, to overcome those fears. The shackles of fear still arose in me from the old man when I spoke to him in his faded tweed jacket and tie, that looked like an Union Jack needed to be emblazoned onto it with the words ‘pip pip, keep a stiff upper lip and God save the Queen’ as he looked me up and down like my father used to, a major in the Gordon Highlanders, and ruled that once again I was unfit for duty. Inside myself I was in rebellion towards this system and against what our education system was doing to young people. Apparently he is still giving lectures up in Queenscliff to the historical society about his sojourns into the Sturt Desert country of Australia that he loves. A love I too have for the Outback. I made a big mistake, I should have taken the tough Snowy Mountains hiking group into the wilds I love. Next year I spent a long time in NZ trekking the toughest treks I could take, alone.. out to prove a point. Old Barry may well be a decent guy just with a tough job at MGS... but goosebumps rise in me when I think of him.


When I attended this school in 1976-81, teachers threw chalk hard into students’ faces in Years 7 and 8 - including the Priest Father Letts who I later heard from an ex-student that there had been rumours that he had been asked to leave due to some indiscretions with the boys in Senior School. Children were caned on their bare bottoms by the Head of Grimwade after a public humiliation in front of assembly for simply jumping on sports mats during lunch break. Many teachers were maliciously sarcastic and cruel in a sort of sadistic authoritarian manner to students that did not conform. Byron Jones, my chemistry teacher, threatened to punch any student in top set who didn't get an A if they returned to the school. His motto was to 'get the killer instinct'. Despite his professed Christianity, I was told by a Chemistry teacher at the school who alleged to me that he was divorced and had left the school and ended up in St Catherines, debarred from teaching after having an affair with a student there. One  of the better teachers I had, Mr Clayton, at a gathering of old teachers in 2004 was absolutely plastered having been pushed out of the school, too intoxicated to accept my thanks for his superb English teaching. However many of the teachers were very good and sympathetic and supportive of hard workers like myself.

But far worse than the teachers were my fellow students - many of them masters of the art of vicious psychological bullying, no doubt inherited from their wealthy parents some who were head of some of the most ruthless business empires in Australia. In 2004 when I was a student teacher there that sort of attitude was not as bad, but had not gone and still seemed to be present in the teaching staff. Though one female teacher was making a great deal of effort to teach social equality to the students in particular indigenous rights, though had an unhappy habit of sitting on her desk with her skirt and legs open facing the congregation and it is questionable exactly where the students' attention was going. Many students I had gone to the school with never wanted to return to the school again after they had left and I had nightmares about the place for many years after I had left.


Chauvinistic in part due to its traditions and being single sex in senior school. This isolating of students from the opposite sex seemed in this school to encourage homosexuality. I was personally psychologically bullied in this manner when I was there which some of the teachers encouraged - Dogger Banks - and made me want to commit suicide. This was a common accepted method of bullying and another student was bullied so badly in this manner he left the school. When I taught there I noticed similar behaviour and attitudes amongst the students in 2004, when I raised issues of homosexuality in my legal studies class, the student reaction was full of bigotry, fear and they projected this fear onto myself. A sort of disbalance not in keeping with modern society that encouraged cruel aggressive behaviour and an homophobia that seemed indirectly to encourage this behaviour at a very unpleasant price. When I was a student there in 1981 there was a rumour and it was discussed amongst the students that one teacher was having homosexual relations with senior rowing students. The students seemed to accept this illegal sexually abusive behaviour taking advantage of a position of authority with children as a sort of unpleasant joke. The consequences of this on the students’ attitudes and treatment of their peers may have a causal connection to what they then inflicted upon others and myself. In 2004 as a student teacher I observed classes in Year 8 in Wadhurst where a teacher was using very inappropriate sexual references in an English class and encouraging the students to produce work related to this. My prime supervising teacher, a brilliant man, I worked with who was head of business at MGS, ex Rev Matt O'Meara, was put in jail for child porn in 2013 after he left MGS and was at Perth College. He was an ex-Grammar student as well and became an Anglican Vicar - a representative of Jesus Christ. I believe the repressive sexual  nature of MGS contributed to his problems. Res ipsa loquita.

Do you want to take that risk with your child!?

What has been Grammar's response to this? - absolutely nothing! Despite repeatedly contacting the Headmaster and School Council and St Paul's back in 2006-8, there was complete silence. And this is of perhaps more concern than the issues at stake as it appears to show a complete inability to acknowledge and handle, and to instead disregard and act with indifference to very serious matters. (For my letter to the Council where I offered myself as Headmaster to oversee changes to the school; see

This school claims to represent Jesus Christ and be Christian, but I believe its ethos and values and its treatment of students is very far from their saviour and his teachings of loving kindness. Whether you be Christian or not:-


1. Please contact me if you have concerns about your child at this school or if you are a student at this school or were a student and suffer or suffered bullying or harassment by other students or teachers (including sexual abuse or homophobic behaviour).

2. Please contact me if you are suffering or did suffer from stress, anxiety or nervousness as a student due to academic, sporting or peer group pressure. Or if you are a parent of a student and concerned about your child suffering from such stress.

3. Please contact me if you wish this school to change its mentality and methods of educating students (including co-education).

 email:  - to James Travers-Murison, BA LLB Dip Ed, Dip Journ.


Nothing will change unless people take action!

If I can help at least avoid one child going through what I went through at Melbourne Grammar then this will be a success.


  1. Possible class legal action against Melbourne Grammar if it refuses to make changes: "In a case in 1998, a student at a private school was bullied. The bullying took the form of severe mental trauma including harassment, abuse, name calling, being generally picked on, taunted and teased. Whilst the bullying behaviour was noticed by teachers at the school it was alleged that no immediate action was taken. It was also alleged that the school did not have a culture that supported the victimised student, that there was no policy in place to make it clear that bullying behaviour was inappropriate, or that there was a designated person to whom the student could turn to in his time of need. The student became severely psychologically affected. Because of the severe nature of this incident it gained extensive public media coverage including a segment on the television program "Sixty Minutes". Disclosures included naming the student, teachers at the school, the school and others involved. Legal proceedings were issued and listed for trial. The matter was resolved before the case commenced resulting in a substantial payment to the student." Like sexual abuse I think there appears not to be a time limit to these actions.


  1. It seems clear to me if MGS has an anti-bullying policy it has failed and needs re evaluating immediately. Trinity Grammar, which I went to in primary school, has implemented a good anti bullying policy and is gay friendly under Rick Tudor, ex MGS teacher, which needs to be adopted. I spoke to Rick in 2013 about bullying in MGS and though sympathetic he wouldn't adopt measures I recommended to MGS for Trinity and was opposed to taking on my services at the school, [nor some of my scientific research on global warming – Rick is a biologist who has done research in this area], because Trinity too suffers similar problems and needs the same changes. Rick is a good chappy, but fortunately has now retired. Again I pointed this all out to MGS and once again was ignored.


  1. Picketing the next birthday celebrations with other groups opposed to inequality, child soldiers, bullying, homophobia, academic stress in children, etc with full media publicity also comes to mind together with ex-students who perhaps are not as positive about the school and would like to see change. Possibly wearing ribbons of some relevant colour as is the fashion.


  1. And perhaps sending information regarding the school to all the current parents and old boys detailing the problems others and I perceive in the students’ current and past education. In fact to all Grammar schools nationwide.


  1. Making the school co-educational throughout. It is time the council accepted phasing in a merger with Merton Hall if it is not already doing so. This should be done carefully and gradually, mixing more classes initially so that the boys from Year 7-12 learn to work with women which they will have to do at University and in the work force. The full transition should take about 10 years - but it should be stated by the school now that this as its intention - after consultation with Merton Hall (that will be difficult, but I think the best course, if they are shown the facts and figures and the time framework - it would make more sense and they are the sister school). I know there is tendency to regard mixing the sexes as detrimental to academic achievement and also to regard females still as intellectually inferior within the school hierarchy. However a ten year transition carefully planned should allow for all potential faults to be dealt with and overcome. It would also give sufficient time to ensure the best method of co-education is created - on a world class level - that improves academic performance and social skills of both sexes of students. This should adequately conform the school to sexual equality occurring in society and hopefully make it a world leader. Also give the lads the skills to respect woman as equals.


  1. Encourage a healthy mostly vegetarian diet with high % raw into the tuck shop and dining room by reducing the meat products; it was disgusting in 2004. Ban all junk food. Making nutrition classes a part of the curriculum and providing nutritional lunches to all students as in France. Following ex-Governor Schwarzenegger's changes in Californian schools. 


  1. Make yoga and meditation compulsory so students can develop peaceful means to improve concentration and self control, so that they have the skills to discipline themselves both now and later in their lives. To be fair the school was teaching yoga as an optional subject in 2004, but this needs to go much further. Only about 15 boys were doing it.


  1. Change the uniform; this suit and tie business so that they can all walk round like little replicas of Rupert Murdoch and be brainwashed into behaving similarly, to something far more appropriate, easier to clean, avoids shirts hanging out, strangling using ties and less smelly, like a star trek style jumpsuit with built in odour eaters - that is my suit of preference. More ergonomic backpacks to not damage students’ spines like mine was damaged. And reducing the weight of the books in the school backpack by using computer files again to prevent spinal damage.


  1. Changing the school motto and logo insignia making it more of the new millennium - add a more ethnic or multicultural feel to the school and increase social conscience. Pray and Work seems a little stilted. Is there more to life than that? May be even in English? Compassion and Loving Service for all Humanity. Or Poverty and Chivalry. Or Equality for All. Or Jesus Loves You and Cares About You more than any Works You Do.


  1. Make it compulsory for all students to do community service and end cadets. In fact I would suggest a program where the students work in homeless crisis centres. Or try and help those homeless vagabonds begging on the street that are becoming more prevalent. How about one of those sponsorship programs - the students can spend a night trying to survive on the street and raise funds for the homeless.


  1. Recent cases in Australia of youth suicides and a trend of self-harm, a student of high academic standard attempting to produce a bomb, students causing a lock down as they rampaged a school with machete and baseball bats bashing a teacher, indicate we are going down the rocky capitalistic road of extreme greed and student alienation due to psychological damage. Many would say that this is due to lack of discipline in state schools and there is some truth in this. However, it does not explain the high suicide rates in private schools from stress and academic pressure. Discipline has its place and is important, but it must be balanced with self respect and teaching students to discipline themselves for their own good, and not imposed on them by force and fear. Academic pressure if forced on students and not coming from within them can create a sense of failure when students fail to live up to these unrealistic expectations which are imposed upon them regardless of individual ability with resulting consequences. Teaching students to be humble and kind, rather than idolising sports heroes or socially elite and popular students based on their wealth or accolades put on them by the school as either a genius or an upholder of the establishment elite value system.

America personifies this social conformity to the system in their schools were outcasts are viciously psychologically bullied as inferior leading to psychotic behaviour in the victims and it is not impossible that school shootings could occur in Australia unless systemic changes are made to the entire education system. UOCA provides a solution and perhaps the solution to improve efficiency, academic achievement and most importantly social cohesion based on an holistic system incorporating individual's differences and bringing about excellence in their gifted areas.


  1. For a solution to this and the problems in our education system go to Experischool - for those interested in starting an alternative yoga based school for educating children.


  1. Actively targeting alternative thinkers as teachers and old Melburnians who have entered the teaching profession to teach at the school. Very few were doing so in 2004, perhaps only 4 teachers were old boys then in Senior School. Out of these former Rev O'Meara left a few years later for unknown reasons even though it was he who introduced the brilliant Harkness system and it is a fact he did not like the Headmaster. Much later in 2013 he was put in jail on child porn charges which he vehemently denies stating there was a seamy hotbed of staff affairs in Perth College and an elaborate conspiratorial setup framing himself falsely when he exposed these affairs. I attempted to contact him in jail as I am a lawyer to help him, but he did not respond. I contacted the school about assisting him saying that we should believe that he is innocent and help him as Jesus helped those that had been ostracised were outcasts and criminals. The school, despite myself repeatedly contacting them, responded only saying that it was not their business, but confirmed it was Matthew. I quite liked Matthew and remembered him from when I was a student, but he gave me a not very fair report as a student teacher in which he said I refused to discipline the students and didn’t consider it important and should teach in tertiary not secondary education. This was far from true – what Matthew failed to understand and in fact undermined me in my classes, was that I wanted the students to understand why they needed to discipline themselves so refused to throw any student out of my classes. Even if the students didn’t realise it, I was very much concerned for their welfare and achievement. Another old boy who taught at MGS in Chemistry, resigned during 2004 (apparently wasn’t given much of a choice about it due to his age and the school wanting primo results from its students) whilst I was there, being 'Rugged' Rick Rosenhein (though I had had him when I was a student and been brutalised by his smashing an one meter ruler down on my desk regularly in Year 9 maths), and another was actually a classmate and old gang member from Year 8, Tim Morris, a super history teacher who practically never left the school, in fact lived there when he finished HSC. One wonders why so few return?! Yet there are many teachers in the profession that went to MGS, it is just that they do not teach there.




When you start understanding that Melbourne Grammar is just not for the rich and famous, when you believe it is for all of us (not the pontificating elite or those aspiring to such, but all human beings), when you begin to understand true brotherhood and equality so sisterhood as well, then you will understand why this is so important. When you understand that the capitalist system is one of exploitation of human beings and does not have to be this way - that the wealth of the nation can be divided more fairly; rather than possessed by those who exploit ownership. From a Christian perspective surely this is what Jesus taught us and even from a humanist perspective (atheist) logic would seem to suggest that this be better for all of us. Because UOCA intends to encourage the dismantling of the whole establishment hierarchy and expose it for what it is. A nepotistic old boys’ club for the rich and aspiring rich with a few token poor chucked in and some destitute relics of the old establishment. And when you understand this and true equality then Melbourne Grammar will no longer need to exist because it was created for an elite establishment ruling class and if we all become equals then this will no longer be a possible school. Or as I see it we bring the entire population to the highest possible level of advancement and we do that by creating a system of schools that do this on the basis of equality and human dignity recognising our base humanity - not based on how much fees you can afford and if your family are members of the capitalist elite or belong to the Anglican faith. Because a Hen Pecking order of hierarchy should be the current name of the new leadership centre - and only when the pecking order is changed from brutality ruling to equality and love then you will see why a leadership centre should never be named after the person who foots the bill for it - it's known in chivalry as humility. Something ironically strangely missing from the school given they often preach using this word, though in reality it appears used more as a ploy to avoid upsetting the poor so they don't overthrow them and take their place which the Labor Party would be more than keen to remove from Australia. And if the school doesn't change then eventually it will be removed by the people as even the Liberal Party is becoming more lower middle class, representing affluent workers and trades people like John Howard and Tony Abbott. Turnbull is somewhat of an exception though is more wet than the others anyway.

Finally make the school operate entirely by donation. School fees by donation probably set based on income and assets so that a recommended donation was issued to all students’ parents. Of course with everyone now wanting to go to Grammar because it becomes the most advanced school on the planet there could be a problem working out who gets in. It would probably have to come down to an interview and an holistic test designed to cover all aspects of human endeavour and not an exam. Some fair system to all would have to be worked out that was more than an IQ test and had checks against corruption.

Renaming the school to UOCA Melbourne College.

Next would be remodelling the education department to incorporate the new system for all schools and so in effect making all schools as UOCA College and so phasing out private schools - or in a word making them all private cooperatives or charitable trusts.

Furthermore I am considering going on a hunger strike, fast, water only till action is taken. Much as Gandhi did when Nehru refused to pass over Pakistan's share of the treasury on the division of India. This peacemaker even though he was a high caste Hindu in the end sacrificed his life for Islam on the basis of religious equality and justice. He was assassinated by a Hindu when he did this.

You may be asking why I returned and did my teaching rounds in a school I so detested, the answer is very much in victim consciousness, the victim is often attracted to and the attractor for the bully and for good reason, they both have something to learn from each other. I hope I now have something to offer this school for it to learn from my experiences outside of the school and perhaps for the good things it did offer me in the very high academic standard it sets, it still has something to teach myself in old values well cherished since time immemorial in the days of the Knight Templars and chivalry in its Masonic roots.


James Travers-Murison

(akka Murison - born 24 June 1964 on 650th anniversary of Bannockburn, an ancestor of the son of Sir Moir, a Knight of the Templars, who took King Robert the Bruce of Scotland's heart to Spain and the Battle of Teba, failing to take it onto the Holy Lands in 1330s where he earned the family coat of arms, three bloodied Moors' Heads - for information on the pilgrimage to Spain on August 25, 2033, the 700th anniversary of Teba, and then to Jerusalem with Bruce's heart, and information on bringing back a free independent Scotland with the true royal family of Scotland - the Stuarts reinstalled, please contact me)

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